Sunday, November 11

November 11 2018 – Sunday’s Schedule of Events

Sessions take place at Theater-in-the Round at the Seton Hall University Center — 

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Noon – System Overload – Don’t let your Tech rule you

We will take a break from technology, using technology. We will explore how and why our smart tools have such a strong hold over us, and how we can insert mindfulness into our use of digital media. Bring your phone, but you might just be tempted to leave it after

  • Ruth Tsuria earned her Ph.D. from Texas A&M University Department of Communication. Her research investigates the intersection of digital media, religion, and feminism (see below) with a focus on developing theoretical tools to understand online discourse and interrogate the relationship between technology and society.  She has received several awards, such as the “Emerging Scholar” award and the STAR Award, a dissertation writing fellowship from the College of Liberal Arts, Texas A&M University.

1pm | Our Personal Data as Currency

2pm | Magic, Leadership and Transcendence

There are moments in our lives when everything is perfect. You know, when you’re sitting on the beach or at the top of a mountain and time stands still. Or sometimes when you’re in flow, painting, building something, biking on a flat country road in autumn or just perfectly and silently carving your skis down a freshly powdered slope. And then, a moment later, the world comes crashing back in all it’s chaos and cacophany and unpleasantness and confusion. Our minds get gripped by competing thoughts, worries, aspirations and needs. In some ways it’s even more depressing to lose that beautiful moment. But is there a way to hold on to that earlier blissful experience and still show up for life powerfully? We’re going to find out.

  • Juan Rios has experience in both the non-profit and government sectors and is presently the Clinical Director of a multiservice specialty practice and serves as a clinical consultant to community mental health agencies.  His research interests are the following: Clinical phenomenological field narratives and self-reflexivity, Chinese philosophy on modern philanthropy, mindfulness intervention with immigrant and first generation children, and cultural intersection among men and masculinity. He has presented nationally and internationally at various Social Work conferences regarding the above and extremely passionate about this profession and equally as passionate about educating the future leaders of this field on deconstructing oppressive social systems.

3pm | Tarab: Musical Ecstasy and Mystical Practice in Morocco

While the meditative dance of “whirling dervishes” may be the form of Islamic mystical practice most familiar to Western audiences, Sufi music takes on very different forms across the globe. Join us for an exploration of the boundary-crossing sacred music traditions of Morocco, from the distinctive African rhythms and spiritual songs and chants of gnawa, to the Andalusian musical styles and compositions still performed by Muslims and Jews alike.  Many of these mystical songs and the rituals associated with them can be traced back for hundreds of years, yet still the music enjoys widespread popularity among Moroccans from young to old, religious to secular, rural to urban.  We’ll examine these fascinating sacred musical traditions, including the musical rhythms and breath practices associated with “trance,” and discuss the complex role played by this music —and Sufi mysticism more generally —in modern Moroccan society.

  • Lourdes Alvarez

4pm | Privacy vs Censorship vs Technology

An interdisciplinary panel discussion on privacy through the lens of technology with a focus on censorship. China’s censorship is innovative; America’s freedom of speech debates continue to rage on – Technology isn’t always what we hope it is.

  • Andre Preoteasa moderator; Seth Wainer is the Former CIO of Newark, New Jersey’s largest city.  He’ll be presenting the view of policy and how it affects people
    Adrian Acevido is Sargent in the South Orange (NJ) Police.  He’ll be presenting the view of law enforcement’s need to access private information to protect the public.  

5pm | Tools of Hope

Anti-Depressants are limited by physiological focus, but prayer and mindfulness is a suggested mechanism that brings human beings into a unique state of oneness. Dr. Johnson suggests how centering/meditative prayer and similar practices like mindfulness-based cognitive therapy can be useful therapeutic interventions for Depression.

  • Kirk Johnson teaches courses in Bioethics, Global Issues, Philosophy and Religion. His primary areas of specialization are medicine and religion, race and medicine, health disparities and the physician-patient relationship. He is a member of the American Society of Bioethics and Humanities, The New York Academy of Medicine, American Culture Association and the Society of Christian Ethics. He serves as a member of the Atlantic Health Systems Bioethics Committee, former Assistant Director of the Medical Humanities program at Drew University and fellow emeritus of The American Heart Association’s Multicultural Initiatives Leadership Fellowship Program. Dr. Johnson has published articles in the Journal of Religion and Health, Companion to Health Humanities and contributions in numerous books. His recent book “Medical Stigmata: Race, Medicine, and the Pursuit of Theological Liberation” is anticipated in December 2018.

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