Pluralism Supremacists

In the wake of recent events in Charlottesville and today’s deeply polarized American politics, NYT columnist and thought leader, Thomas Friedman penned this piece focusing on our pluralism as our greatest asset, and one that we need to tap into here at home: “I am a pluralism supremacist.   How could I not be? I […]

Off Balance?

We daily grapple with the whether to pursue what we want with an all-in focus vs. the desire to remain “balanced.”  We confront this in our jobs, in youth sports, and in how we pursue our dreams and life goals.  Balance seems a non-controversial goal. But is balance something that we should pursue? Brad Stulberg […]

What Happens When Different Types of People Collide: The Perfect Team

One of the “collisions” we’ve been examining for one of the SouthNext interactive Ideas Panels relates to the science of what happens when different types of people collide. We all know that collaboration is a key to innovation. We talk about introverts and extroverts, leaders and followers, managers and worker bees, influencers and managers, and […]


As we stand side by side in our community taking in the same event, meeting a person, listening to a new idea being presented or a piece of music, each of us perceives it differently. We know that our perceptions are colored by our prior experiences, the types of thinkers and learners we are, our […]

Creative Collisions

Using art to examine cutting edge ideas is an important part of the DNA of SouthNext. We daily witness the power of this in so many areas. For example, have you seen the recently viral art experiment called ‘Decoy’ put together by The Lab?  In order to observe the way that people’s preconceived notions color […]